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iPhone 2.0 Campers, Already?

packernew.jpg Wow, interesting. Hordes of fans are now already camping outside of Apple stores around America, and are waiting for the iPhone 2.0.



Slide Controller Makes DS A Mouse

suraido_ds_control_2.jpg A new Japanese import, for the Nintendo DS, Slide Adventure: Mag Kid, comes with a never-before-seen attachment called the Slide Controller, which turns the DS more into an optical mouse. By plugging it into the generally unused GBA port, the Slide Controller allows you to move the DS around on a flat surface, just very much like a mouse. The game then registers the control , and responds accordingly. Peripherals just keep coming around the corner. Adding a screen to a mouse is just another win, but adding a mouse to a screen of the DS, could be even better.


Custom Applications Possible For Helio Ocean

thumb300x_helioocean.jpg So you might have heard third-party applications now being available for the iPhone, but the Helio Ocean is now being able to run them as well. The first proof of concept is Opera Mini, a small browser, from Opera, that let’s even the not-so-up-to-date phones browse like a pro. To get it to work on your Ocean, even though the Ocean already has a browser, just follow the directions given by Heliocity. After you’re done with that, you should check how you could help get even more cooler applications out for the Ocean.


Homer Simpson Robosapien

I don’t know about you, but I hate it when company’s try to make a cheap knockoff toy out of one of your favorite TV shows, but this has to be the worst one, ever. Homer Simpson – Robosapien.. There’s a.. number of things that’s wrong with it. Let’s list them, shall we? First off, its not even Homer’s real voice, so it’s already unconvincing. Second, it’s pretty much badly made. Watch this video, and see Shiny Shiny have a hard time with this thing.


PSP Slim Hands-On Comparison

PSP Hands-On Comparison You might have seen my post about the size differences between the PSP 2000, coming out this fall, and the current PSP model. Wondering now how they really look like side by side? Prepare to be amazed by the lack of any real aesthetic differences.. but hey, it’s what’s inside that counts, right? On the outside, I say the TV out is pretty cool. The video link is at the top.


RPG Game Solely In Tin Case

medium_tingame.jpg If you thought using a mint tin as a case for your iPod Nano was impressive, check out the creation of Greg Sanders, who made this little gadget right here. It’s a self-contained RPG game, which whose parts fit inside the tin. All you would have to do to get this puppy running, is plug in a Sega Genesis controller, and a T.V., and you’re good to go.


Creative Zen V Plus Memory Doubled

20070313-creative-zen-v-plus-red-black-8gb.jpg The creative Zen V Plus, was pushed from 8GB to 16GB, making it the first.. anything to have that much flash memory. Singapore only, as of right now.