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Oh Man..

I haven’t updated the blog, as you can obviously tell, for about 5 days. I’ve just been a bit busy, and I’ve been also thinking about buying my own domain from Lunar Pages as well. If I go through with the plan I’ll obviously have to move all my stuff from here to there, but I’ll give you guys the URL as well.


Giant Match = Giant Fireball

[Giant Match] Hmm, you’ve heard the saying, “Don’t play with fire.” Some of you may agree with me that playing with fire is fun, most of the time, but is always dangerous. We have on our hands, perhaps the largest matchstick ever created, lit by a brave/idiotic individual. This matchstick was made by attaching 15,000 matchsticks to the end of a 4×4 piece of wood, complete only with ping pong balls for shaping, and spray paint for realism. If you were me, you wouldn’t really care what it was made of, you’d care about how it ended, which you can find out.


Your Own Personal Moon Light

medium_personalmoon.jpg Ever look at the moon outside at night, and wish that that very same light was lighting your own room? Well, look no further, because it’s here, once you have these strange Russian personal moon light boxes. I’m not really sure what they’re used for, but users who have them, find some interesting, classic, or even cryptic uses for this portable crescent. I’m not sure that you’ll want to use it as a night light though, it seems that someone might have set the brightness level to “Sun.”


Paw Jacuzzi

paw-bath.jpg I enjoy dogs, as much as the next person, but giving a dog a little paw jacuzzi for their pleasure, may be going a little to far. Sure $48 dollars isn’t too much for a little spoiler, but it’s a dog. I don’t think he would know the difference from sticking his paw into the jacuzzi, from sticking his paw in the sink.


Toshiba To Release 32GB “Limited Edition” Flash Drive

8gb.jpg Charging further into the Windows ReadyBoost market, Toshiba is coming up with a new line for it’s TransMemory USB flash drives. The line, which is called U2K, will consist of 1GB-8GB models, which are due out in October, and a huge limited edition, which would mean that they cost so much to produce they need to put a test batch out there, 32GB model that should be released in December. What the hell, 32 gigs of memory on a flash drive, what are you gonna do with that? Planning to get a model or two could cost you a bundle. $200 for the 8GB model, and a whopping $665 for the 32GB.


Linux Lottery

linux.jpg Winners may get the top prize of $25,000. No copyright on the Linux penguin? Let’s be thankful there isn’t an Apple on there.


New Tallest Building In The World

post6-22-burj.jpg Man have I slacked off. Sorry, if you were expecting any updates over the last few days. I’ve been a bit busy with things, but now I’m back on track. So I’ll start things off with the newly crowned tallest building in the world. The United Arab Emirates has just stolen the crown from Taiwan for the tallest building. The Burj Dubai, which is still under construction, reached 141 stories on 7/21/07. The structure stands a amazing 1,680′ tall. The Taipei 101, located in Taiwan, was the previous title holder, and stood at 508m high, and resided above the rest of the architectural world. The developers of Burj Dubai declined to give any comment on how tall the actual completed structure would be. Talk about a long one.