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Never forget your junkdrive again!

People often log off their computers with their junk drives, which may include unencrypted private data, still in the USB port. Well if your one of those people, this little trick will help you remember to unplugged your junk drive from your computer. The trick is implemented in a one-line Visual Basic script that reminds you to unplug your drunk drive with a small, single pop up message at log out. All you need to do is simply follows these steps:

  1. Save this one-line Visual Basic Script to C:\WINDOWS\System32\GroupPolicy\User\Scripts\Logoff on Windows XP.
  2. From the “Run Box” (Start -> Run), type “gpedit.msc”, and hit enter. (without the quotes)

3. In User Configuration -> Windows Settings -> Logoff, press the Add Script button and select the thumb-drive-reminder.vbs file.

A very helpful tip indeed.


GPS Users at risk for false messages

Ever look at your traffic-update enabled GPS navigation and see “Air Crash”, “Bomb Alert”, or “Terrorist Incident?” Don’t be too quick to jump to conclusions if you ever got one of those messages. Some Hackers have actually discovered a way to inject RDS(Radio Data System) messages, which use the FM frequency to send traffic and weather information, into your GPS, which trigger off a different alert message depending on what they sent. When I think about what kind of messages they could send, its actually pretty amusing. But on the other hand those messages could lead to something a bit more serious than a little joke. Since most GPS devices don’t have traffic integration yet, this won’t be too big of a problem.