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Wilbrain’s B1 UMPC

medium_wibrainb1.jpg Getting a gadget that would give you access to every possible wireless capability you could dream of would cost you, and make you turn to the UMPC. That would be if that thing is Wilbrain’s B1, the price would be as large as the crowd laughing at you for carrying it. 802.11b/g, Bluetooth 2.1, GSM/GPRS/EDGE and HSDPA are all included, with a 4.8″ touch screen LCD, with a resolution of 1024×600. Customers can buff up the CPU, Memory, and HDD for about $650, when it comes out in Korea, this October.



Homer Simpson Robosapien

I don’t know about you, but I hate it when company’s try to make a cheap knockoff toy out of one of your favorite TV shows, but this has to be the worst one, ever. Homer Simpson – Robosapien.. There’s a.. number of things that’s wrong with it. Let’s list them, shall we? First off, its not even Homer’s real voice, so it’s already unconvincing. Second, it’s pretty much badly made. Watch this video, and see Shiny Shiny have a hard time with this thing.


RPG Game Solely In Tin Case

medium_tingame.jpg If you thought using a mint tin as a case for your iPod Nano was impressive, check out the creation of Greg Sanders, who made this little gadget right here. It’s a self-contained RPG game, which whose parts fit inside the tin. All you would have to do to get this puppy running, is plug in a Sega Genesis controller, and a T.V., and you’re good to go.


Creative Zen V Plus Memory Doubled

20070313-creative-zen-v-plus-red-black-8gb.jpg The creative Zen V Plus, was pushed from 8GB to 16GB, making it the first.. anything to have that much flash memory. Singapore only, as of right now.


Pyxis RGPS-3000 GPS Golfer Watch

pyxis-gps-golf.jpg It’s hard to find a good caddy nowadays, but a good GPS watch that has a map of your favorite golf course, and keeps track of your score is easy to find, and could be yours for $215, in Korea. Not only is it useful for golfers to keep track of the distance between you, the ball, and the sand that the ball’s in, the RGPS-3000 can also be used for other outdoor activities, like bicycling, hiking, or even walking. I’d like to have one of these things strapped around my wrist when I’m outside, not to help me though, but to show it off :-).


Sony TP1 Vaio Media Center

smallish_sony_tp1_front.jpg Sony’s silent, oreo cookie shaped, TP1 Vaio media center is now available for sale, but it still doesn’t have a cableCard.


Six Foot Neon Rainbow Apple On eBay

medium_applecomputerlogo.jpg If you’re truly a die hard Apple fan, and want the world to absolutely know you are, you should log on to eBay, and place your bid for this massive, original Apple computer sign. I’m guessing this sign comes from the era of where rainbow neon signs were cool, but this one has been hanging outside an authorized Apple dealer’s store wall for years. The dealer is relocating, and you can be the beneficiary if glowing apples are your thing. You have about five days to come up with the money; the current bid sits at $4,450, plus crating and shipping costs.