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XBox Price Drop Reminder

xbox360-core-boxed.jpg You might remember reading my post about the core system being dropped a few bucks in price. If you don’t/haven’t, just click on the Consoles tag, and find it. But by midnight, the price will drop down, if the rumors are true. So, we’ll just have to wait and see.


Slide Controller Makes DS A Mouse

suraido_ds_control_2.jpg A new Japanese import, for the Nintendo DS, Slide Adventure: Mag Kid, comes with a never-before-seen attachment called the Slide Controller, which turns the DS more into an optical mouse. By plugging it into the generally unused GBA port, the Slide Controller allows you to move the DS around on a flat surface, just very much like a mouse. The game then registers the control , and responds accordingly. Peripherals just keep coming around the corner. Adding a screen to a mouse is just another win, but adding a mouse to a screen of the DS, could be even better.


PSP Slim Hands-On Comparison

PSP Hands-On Comparison You might have seen my post about the size differences between the PSP 2000, coming out this fall, and the current PSP model. Wondering now how they really look like side by side? Prepare to be amazed by the lack of any real aesthetic differences.. but hey, it’s what’s inside that counts, right? On the outside, I say the TV out is pretty cool. The video link is at the top.


Massive Mod Chip Raid Covers The Nation

smallish_chip002_lg.jpg U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents from just under two dozen cities, executed 32 federal search warrants, in 16 states in the past 24 hours as part of a huge crackdown on chip modding. This is some serious business. As from


Arkanoid For The DS Gets Controller

medium_dsattach.jpg You might remember playing a game called Arkanoid in the arcades, with it’s strange paddle/knob controller you moved around to make the stick move. Famitsu is revealing a Nintendo DS add on for the game, that uses the GBA slot, which actually duplicates the paddle/knob feel of the original. The add on will come in a number of Japanese DS colors, and will be available for an unknown mount of Yen.


NES MP3 Player and Speakers

nes-mp3.jpg You probably have an old NES lying around somewhere in your basement, why not do something with it? People are making the NES controller into an optical mouse, or even a voice recorder, so why not make it into a MP3 player? What about the game cartridges, you ask? Take those, and make them into speakers, and get bad, yet cool NES speaker system. This mod goes a bit farther than what the NES was originally made to do.


Rumor: XBox 360 Core Discontinued

core.jpg Rumors are going around saying that the XBox 360 core edition is going to be discontinued. Microsoft does deny the rumor, and claims that the Core is still going.