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Iomega StorCenter – 500GB and 1TB

smallish_iomega-storcenter.jpg Iomega’s StorCenter NAS gadgets are shipping in with space sizes from 500GB to 1TB, with 7200 RPM SATA-II drives. The 1TB uses two drives, so you can work in RAID 0, 1, or even JBOD. Each model has Gigabit, but sadly no WiFi, but has Active directory support, and UPnP server ability. Amazingly, you can even attach other drives to this one, by the two USB ports it has. The 500GB will cost you $269, and 1TB will cost you $389.



USB Air Freshener

medium_usbthumbdiffuser4.jpg You that are reading right now probably have a so called “computer room” where you obviously keep your computer. If you’re like me, you’d get the munchies from time to time, and leave the left overs on the desk that will start to smell up the room if you don’t clean it up. You could probably use a USB aroma oil heater. Green comes with peppermint oil, and red comes with rose. At only $7, you could use this instead of a a can of Lysol.


Sony Stick Figure Speakers

smallish_sonyax10.jpg These desktop speakers by Sony are an interesting approach to desktop speaker style. Designed after stick figures, the small 1W couplet, have a couple of st-mini connections on-board for desktop and laptop use. They do boast excellent sound reproduction, but Sony is a little too proud of their speaker-ona-stick, which they are asking $49.99 for, at SonyStyle. For that kind of money, you could buy ten Logitech desktop speakers, that have twice the wattage. We know that wattage ratings aren’t the only factor that play a role when buying speakers, but when you charge five times more than the competitors, it’s worth considering. If you’re really wanting a pair, you can find them around for $19.95.


Seagate Dumps IDE

seagate.jpg Seagate will be, and is the first major hard drive manufacturer to stop the production of IDE drives. Seagate will only be SATA starting in 2008, and beyond.


New ATI TV Wonder Cards

amdtvwonder600-lg.jpg Today, ATI announced the release of the 600 USB, and the 650 PCIe cards. One for USB, and one for PCI express. The USB version is a single tuner HDTV device for laptops, which may remind you of the Pinnacle. The 650 PCIe, is a desktop card that has two tuners instead of one, which is new, that records, and plays an analog, and digital source simultaneously. Both of the cards have Orb DVR software which allows other PCs on your network to stream videos from the host PC. ClearQAM is also included in the 650 PCIe version, which is a little publicized technology in a group of HDTVs. Just like CableCard, QAM is able to unscramble digital TV signals, without the use of a set top box. This means that there are a handful of of local channels, and any other digital content cable companies include with basic cable for consumers. But seeing as some people enjoy the extra cost for extra hardware, and multi-tiered cables, I’m guessing they won’t be surprised with the selection. No word on pricing yet, but this will arrive sometime in September.


Shut Down Your Main Device and Peripherals at the same time

smartpowerstrip.jpg This smart power strip has surge protection, noise filtering, and a microprocessor capable of turning off all the peripheral devices when the main device is shut down. For example, when you shut down your PC, the power strip will also turn off your speakers, printer, and other things you may have powered up and connected. You can get it for $35, which is alright for a quality surge protector that’s smarter than your average power strip.

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Nike Shoe Flash Drive

1gbusbtrainingshoeflash.jpg This is basically the average flash drive in a little Nike shoe. The toe of the athletic shoe comes off to unveil the USB connector capable of storing up to 1GB of anything you would like to take with you. Yes, the shoe does have the Nike “Swoosh” on the side of it, but it’s not actually by them. You can sense whats going to happen when Nike’s lawyers see this.