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DOOM Is On The iPhone, Almost

iphonedoom2.jpg DOOM is now playable on the iPhone, almost. It was worth $599 after all, it should be the next thing to run DOOM. The game actually does run, but it can’t be controlled, and is lacking sound support. Think of it as an advanced Hello World application, but with monsters attacking you while you just stand there to die. Anyways, do look forward to this! You’re so close to blasting away hell spawn with one touch of a figure.



Dell Axim X50v Now Comes With WM6, Unofficially

smallish_dell-axim-x50-lg.jpg While Dell is not officially supporting Windows Mobile 6 on their Axim X50 and X51 models, those who own the VGA versions might be interested in a new port from a philanthropist programmer. Maybe the mod scene will be the only available place for various smartphone users to find their WM6 fix, because it sure seems people are pretty reluctant when it comes to upgrading mobile OS’s. I know it’s all just software, and big corporations, and that in many cases, the new phones don’t even need it.


iPhone 2.0 Campers, Already?

packernew.jpg Wow, interesting. Hordes of fans are now already camping outside of Apple stores around America, and are waiting for the iPhone 2.0.


Custom Applications Possible For Helio Ocean

thumb300x_helioocean.jpg So you might have heard third-party applications now being available for the iPhone, but the Helio Ocean is now being able to run them as well. The first proof of concept is Opera Mini, a small browser, from Opera, that let’s even the not-so-up-to-date phones browse like a pro. To get it to work on your Ocean, even though the Ocean already has a browser, just follow the directions given by Heliocity. After you’re done with that, you should check how you could help get even more cooler applications out for the Ocean.


iPhone’s Cold Weather Durability

A couple of chaps, from Europe, tested the iPhone’s cold weather durability, by sticking it in the freezer. The verdict is that it passes.

Missing Sync V4 Released

smallish_missingsync.jpg Windows Mobile owners who use Macs will probably be familiar with Missing Sync, the application that let’s you sink your smart phone with OS X’s calender, and iCal. The latest version is now available, and comes with new support for newer phones, and phones also running Windows Mobile 6. A couple other new features include video plug-in for video importing, and call log / SMS log importing, to grab the call/SMS list from your phone to your computer. If you’ve got a Windows Mobile phone, and a Mac, this is a must.


iFuntastic 2.1 Released

iFuntastic, the iPhone ring tone swapping GUI application, has just bumped up to 2.1. It still loads your iPhone with ring tones of your choice, and can even arrange the main menu icons to your liking. You can now swap out that AT&T logo for any PNG at 65 x 18 pixels. Don’t worry, because you’re getting instructions too.