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Enertia Electric Motorcycle

enertia.jpg The Brammo Motorsports Enertia Motorcycle is a 100% electric bike. Charged simply by plugging it in for three hours, it’s six lithium phosphate batteries can take you up to 45miles away. At a top speed of 50mph, the chain-driven Enertia is more of a decorated moped you could say, instead of a real motorcycle. Although, the Brembo breaks do sound really nice. When it hits stores next year, a limited edition carbon model will run $14,995, while the standard model will run at $11,995. In this case with the motorcycle, it takes your green, to drive green.



Sweden Turns Booze Into Fuel

drunkbiking.jpg As you may not know, Sweden confiscates illicit booze on the border. They don’t pour it down the drain, or drink it, or anything stupid like that. They turn that good stuff into even better stuff. Sweden takes that booze and turns it into fuel for their automotive. This makes Sweden seem like a pretty cool place to live. Sweden’s authorities confiscated over 185,000 gallons of alcohol at the borders last year, and they put it all into a big tank, converted into fuel, and fueled the public transportation force. It’s programs like this that makes Sweden have a 25% of energy use from renewable resources. This is really impressive. Nice work Sweden.


Chinese Sedans Earns 1-Star Crash Test Rating

When Germany’s ADAC testing agency put China’s Brilliance BS6 sedan on the crash course, it came back with a 1-star rating. A person crashing this car at 40MPH would not have a big chance of survival. Now, I actually found this kind of funny. I thought foreign cars were suppose to hold up better than American cars. I guess that doesn’t apply to China.