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Solid Titanium iPod Nano Case

titaniumnanocase.jpg Well well, I haven’t seen anything like this, and you probably haven’t either. It’s obscenely expensive and shiny, which I like very much. So I do not mind the fact that it has a $818 price tag on it. The Solid Titanium Factron Re-Nano iPod Nano Case from Kiwami Studios are the ones responsible for this very sturdy and sexy case. It’s probably the sturdiest and best looking case I’ve ever seen. It has sport hooks on each corner to allow it to dangle from any direction. If I had the money, I would already be looking at the product page.

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Vintage Game Boy iPod Case

gameboyipod.jpg The Vintage Game Boy iPod Case isn’t just another modder showing off his one of a kind custom case, its an actual product that is available for purchase 100%. Made from the first real black & white Game Boys, the buttons are mapped to the iPod functions for complete non scroll-wheel control. A headphone jack is at the bottom of the case. As with all cool cases, there are flaws. There is no way to charge or sync your iPod while it is in the case, and the display face is a little unattractive. For those retro lovers, you can grab this for $30. Just remember that this case only fits with Minis and Nanos only.

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Keep That Flash Drive Dry

imation1.jpgAre you looking for a flash drive that can stay safe and dry because you live in a rainy place? I’ve found you a solution, the Imation Clip Flash Drive. With the Imation Clip Flash drive, you can securely clip a few gigabytes of precious data around your belt or briefcase without having to worry about getting it wet. The capless drive is encased in a tough rubberized shell, and is extremely compact. The clip drive comes in 128MB to 4GB in size, and will cost you anything between $25 to $130. If I had the extra spending cash, I could see this flash drive around my belt at all times.

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"Wireless" Headphones for iPod Shuffle

I’m not so sure if you would call these headphones “wireless,” but most definitely “wire-free.” These headphones directly attach to your iPod Shuffle. If you don’t like cords hanging down, this is the way to go, but I don’t think it would be cool to have an iPod glued to the back of your head. The picture shown isn’t the actual design, but Arriva’s founder said that the final product looks a lot alike.


Cellphone Charm that indicates UV light

Do you have sensitive skin? If you do, you should probably get one of these UV cellphone beads onto your phone. With this thing, you’ll always be aware of how much UV light you’re getting. The beads start out white, but change colors as they absorb the radiation. Different amounts of beads are available according to your needs. As I was writing this, the beads really do remind me of Mardi Gras.