New ATI TV Wonder Cards

amdtvwonder600-lg.jpg Today, ATI announced the release of the 600 USB, and the 650 PCIe cards. One for USB, and one for PCI express. The USB version is a single tuner HDTV device for laptops, which may remind you of the Pinnacle. The 650 PCIe, is a desktop card that has two tuners instead of one, which is new, that records, and plays an analog, and digital source simultaneously. Both of the cards have Orb DVR software which allows other PCs on your network to stream videos from the host PC. ClearQAM is also included in the 650 PCIe version, which is a little publicized technology in a group of HDTVs. Just like CableCard, QAM is able to unscramble digital TV signals, without the use of a set top box. This means that there are a handful of of local channels, and any other digital content cable companies include with basic cable for consumers. But seeing as some people enjoy the extra cost for extra hardware, and multi-tiered cables, I’m guessing they won’t be surprised with the selection. No word on pricing yet, but this will arrive sometime in September.



1 Response to “New ATI TV Wonder Cards”

  1. 1 Dave July 11, 2007 at 1:10 pm

    Any word on whether the 650 PCIe version will be able to record unscrambled QAM locals on both tuners at one time?

    I currently use a couple of HDHomeRuns to handle recording of locals, but would prefer to move tuners into my HTPC. The HDHRs record over ethernet which is nice, but can chew up local bandwidth with 3 or 4 HD recordings running at the same time.

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