Turn Airplane Headphone Jacks Into iProduct Power

inflightcharger.jpg InFlight Power’s Airline charger could just be the thing to save you from boredom, while your on a transoceanic plane. How do You ask? Simple. By taking the audio jack in your seat’s armrest, and you’ll turn that into actual power to power up your iPhone or iPod, or even any device, via USB. This thing comes in two flavors. The standard USB-capable version will cost you $34.99, and the $44.99 version will come with an iPod connector that supports the nano, mini, 4G, 5G, and the iPhone. There’s even a bundle that comes with mini USB chargers for the BlackCherry, Motorola, and Windows Mobile phones for the same price. If you’re looking for both of these, then $49.99 Power Executive Bundle should satisfy your need. Savvy?

[Product Page]


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