Datel Drive Doctor for Wii

dateldrivedoc.jpg The Drive Doctor by Datel for your Wii is a basically a little bug that you can use to control your Wii. By attaching the unit by doing a bit of soldering, and your PC can interface with the Wii right through its USB port. What can you do from there? Technically, a lot. But as of right now? Just about nothing. While you can view the Wii’s data streams in real time, and even place in a couple strings of code of your own-mods, homebrew, etc- nobody has actually created any programs to run yet. This reminds me a lot of the PSP hacking/homebrew scene, so I would advise to put it on your “to get” list. For $35 you can get the Drive Doctor, and a Wii hacking/homebrew scene in the making. Let’s see those coders get down to business!

[Press Release]


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