More Colors For Your XBox 360

colorware360hands.jpg If you’re one of the few who got a XBox 360 Elite more for the color, instead of the HDMI or the huge 120GB, then you are in luck. For about the price of $100, you can have a black, blue, red, orange, green, yellow, or whatever color you want, XBox 360. From looking at the pictures, these paint jobs seem a lot better than Microsoft’s matte paint job. We have ColorWare to thank for this. ColorWare will not only paint your console, but they will also paint your controllers as well. You have to ship them your console in order for them to paint it, unless you plan on buying a whole new one, but it’s sure to come back looking better than it ever did. If you wanted the 360 Elite for the 120GB, you could just go ahead and install your own hard-drive and save $100, that could go to the cost of the paint job. As for HDMI, there’s supposedly a faux HDMI cable coming out for the Non-Elite 360’s soon. No 1080p, but you do get to use HDMI.

[Product Page]


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