ExerSwim Generates Pool Currents

exerswim1.jpg Swimming laps may be one of the best exercises for the body. But for most people, you usually do not have an Olympic-size swimming pool placed in your backyard, forcing you to work with smaller options, which make it hard to swim laps. Well, get ready for the ExerSwim. This device can be rolled into your pool, and will make a constant current thats great for swimming up against. This is basically applying the running-laps-but-don’t-have-a-track-in-your-backyard method to the pool. You might just be better off buying enough land to place a Olympic-size pool inside, because the ExerSwim will cost you $4000 to swim up against it’s currents.

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1 Response to “ExerSwim Generates Pool Currents”

  1. 1 mp May 23, 2007 at 11:26 am

    Stick with the Fastlane by Endless Pools – current is 100 times better and the Fastlane does not run on marine batteries like the Exerswim

    http://www.endlesspools.com or http://www.swimfastlane.com

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