Portable Laptop Tray

rollertop-img-welcome-pg.gif Are you one of those traveling business men? If so, you might want to take a look at this. It’s the RollerTop tray for your carry-on bag. It’s a stand that hooks on to the top of the handle of your roller bag, which folds out to give you a “sturdy” platform to place your laptop on. You’ll be able to surf the net or check email while you’re waiting in line to board a plane. You know, you could possibly do all this with a smartphone, but what smartphone has a 13″ screen? I like this gadget overall, but earlier in this post I quoted “sturdy.” I did that because this isn’t really something that you’d want to place your $4000 Alienware laptop on. But hey, I would just say be careful. When your bag tips over, and your laptop smashes to pieces, you can use the platform to cry on ;P.

[Product Page]


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