Cheap Gadgets!

Feel like getting some new gadgets, but don’t have the cash quite yet to buy the new Helio Ocean? Don’t worry, while you’re saving up you can keep your gadget craving satisfied with this cheap gadgets that are cool and well, cheap. Sorry to say though when I say cheap I mean both cheap in price and in quality.

neongreen.jpg Do you work in a office, or know somebody that does? You should pay your attention to this Neon Green Butt Station Catch All Desktop Accessory, what a long name. Anyways, I like this desk accessory because it holds your tape, pens, and paperclips all in one little figure.
[Product Page]

happy-monkey-fm-radio.jpg Like monkeys, or just know someone that acts like one? You could get this FM monkey radio for $16.

nerdlaptop.jpg Would you like to disguise your MacBook into a simple folded work shirt? Take a look at this Nerd Laptop Sleeve.
[Product Page]

remotehand.jpg I most definately didn’t know this thing existed. You could make a hand spring to life with the simple press of a remote. You can activate this thing from up to 50 feet away. Read more about it here.

That’s it to end today’s roundup of cheap gadgets!


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