Schools ban iPods on test days

We all know what kind of cheating you can do with a cellphone during a test. The feature to text each other answers back and forth is one. Obvious why schools ban them during the school day. But come on, iPods? With a bit of statistics to go from, principals from all over the country are telling their stupids to leave their iPods at home on test day. These latest, high-tech, cheating devices enable students to hide gigabytes of information that the student can simply access by clicking, playing or reading the answer to. Students can even hide their answers in the “Notes” sections or in parts of lyrics of a song. According to USA Today, even a clip of Schoolhouse Rock can help you remember how a bill makes it’s way through the Congress. The ban is also starting to happen in colleges as well. Oddly enough, Duke University provides iPods to the students. Many disagree with the banning of iPods, believing that students who cheat will always find a way to cheat. I also disagree with this, not only because I wouldn’t know what I would do if I couldn’t listen to music during the school day, but because I also believe that students who cheat will find another to cheat. Whats next, GPS Devices?



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