Let’s start things off with..

A cellphone with a giant touchscreen. No, its not the popular iPhone. It’s the open-source Neo1973. This phone can do it all. No matter what phone you have now, it only allows you to run applications that the phone’s hardware allows you to run. But with the Neo1973, any hacker can write an application to make the phone do anything, and average users can download new applications through a simple interface. Pretty cool, huh? Imagine if the phone’s microphone could tell that you’re having an in-person conversation and holds all your calls. That’s only a taste of what this phone can do for you. The Neo1973 will be sold only at openmoko.org, but you can get service for it by putting in a SIM card from AT&T or T-Mobile. Unfinished models are available now, but finished versions will be around in September.


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