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So I finally got my own domain.

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DOOM Is On The iPhone, Almost

iphonedoom2.jpg DOOM is now playable on the iPhone, almost. It was worth $599 after all, it should be the next thing to run DOOM. The game actually does run, but it can’t be controlled, and is lacking sound support. Think of it as an advanced Hello World application, but with monsters attacking you while you just stand there to die. Anyways, do look forward to this! You’re so close to blasting away hell spawn with one touch of a figure.


Dell Axim X50v Now Comes With WM6, Unofficially

smallish_dell-axim-x50-lg.jpg While Dell is not officially supporting Windows Mobile 6 on their Axim X50 and X51 models, those who own the VGA versions might be interested in a new port from a philanthropist programmer. Maybe the mod scene will be the only available place for various smartphone users to find their WM6 fix, because it sure seems people are pretty reluctant when it comes to upgrading mobile OS’s. I know it’s all just software, and big corporations, and that in many cases, the new phones don’t even need it.


Oh Man..

I haven’t updated the blog, as you can obviously tell, for about 5 days. I’ve just been a bit busy, and I’ve been also thinking about buying my own domain from Lunar Pages as well. If I go through with the plan I’ll obviously have to move all my stuff from here to there, but I’ll give you guys the URL as well.

Wilbrain’s B1 UMPC

medium_wibrainb1.jpg Getting a gadget that would give you access to every possible wireless capability you could dream of would cost you, and make you turn to the UMPC. That would be if that thing is Wilbrain’s B1, the price would be as large as the crowd laughing at you for carrying it. 802.11b/g, Bluetooth 2.1, GSM/GPRS/EDGE and HSDPA are all included, with a 4.8″ touch screen LCD, with a resolution of 1024×600. Customers can buff up the CPU, Memory, and HDD for about $650, when it comes out in Korea, this October.


XBox Price Drop Reminder

xbox360-core-boxed.jpg You might remember reading my post about the core system being dropped a few bucks in price. If you don’t/haven’t, just click on the Consoles tag, and find it. But by midnight, the price will drop down, if the rumors are true. So, we’ll just have to wait and see.

Giant Match = Giant Fireball

[Giant Match] Hmm, you’ve heard the saying, “Don’t play with fire.” Some of you may agree with me that playing with fire is fun, most of the time, but is always dangerous. We have on our hands, perhaps the largest matchstick ever created, lit by a brave/idiotic individual. This matchstick was made by attaching 15,000 matchsticks to the end of a 4×4 piece of wood, complete only with ping pong balls for shaping, and spray paint for realism. If you were me, you wouldn’t really care what it was made of, you’d care about how it ended, which you can find out.